When a brewer and beer enthusiast comes together in one household it can only end up in liver cirrhosis or a brewery. We are trying for both. We are still at the beginning so as a first step we have started a contract brewery. Why Chroust? Our names are Karolina and Jirka Chroust-ovsky. Chroust translates into English as a May bug. May Bug Brewing Co. would therefore be the Literal translation of the name of our brewery. Let us assure you it sounds much better in Czech!


We won’t be writing here any fairy tales about how super amazing our beers are or about the extraterrestrial ingredients that we use to make them. We just have good ingredients, good ideas and we are supported by good quality brewing technology of our friendly breweries. Best is to taste and make a picture about the beers yourself! We simply brew beers that we enjoy and that make us proud.



pivochroust, s.r.o. | VAT ID: CZ05818231 |  info@pivochroust.cz | tel: +420 731 088 184 (Jirka) / +420 777 613 721 (Karolína)