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When a beer enthusiast and a brewer come together it one household it can only end up in cirrhosis or a brewery. Lucky for us, it was a brewery and we have been brewing modern beer without filtration or pasteurization since 2016. In 2021 we purchased CK tanks in Fenetra / Clock brewery and moved all of our production into this cutting edge facility. Why Chroust? Our names are Karolína and Jirka Chroustovský.

Chroust beer

We brew a wide range of modern, original beer in maximum quality and without compromises.  Whether we embark on New England IPAs or classic Pilsners, we want the beer to be harmonious, tasty and enjoyable. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technological equipment that Fenetra covers us, we can package beer into cans and bottles in the best possible condition so that it can always be enjoyed in its freshest state.  


We currently do not have our own e-shop due to time constraints, but the best way to get our beers online is at the e-shop of the Zichovec brewery. Click the link below to access it.

Beer map


pivochroust, s.r.o. |VAT ID: CZ05818231 |  info@pivochroust.cz | Phone: +420 731 088 184 (Jirka) / +420 777 613 721 (Karolína)

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